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Pet Related Web Site List

Pets - General

American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

Animal Connection

Animal CPR

Animal Network (The Fancy Publications.. Cat Fancy, Dog Fancy etc.

Animal Talk - Penelope Smith Animal Communicator

Anita Lang Animal Jewelry Collection

Assorted Pet Related 800 Numbers

Best Friends Sanctuary

Bowtie Press

Delta Society

Dogs and

Dog and Cat

Dr. Edward Bach Center (home of the Bach Flower Remedies)

Electronic Zoo

Lathrop's Animal Rights and Rescue Site

Lightning Strike Pet-Loss Support Page

Natural Rearing

Pet Care Information Center


Pet Humor

Pet Lover Central

Pet Safety Center

Pet Travel

Puppy Sketches by artist Christine J. Head

TagXpress (Pet and People Tags)

The Pet Center

Therapy Pets

Veterinary Pet Insurance

Vet - Cats

Waltham - The World's Leading Authority on Pet Care and Nutrition 


Amazing Facts About Cats

Cat Care Society

Cat Doctor HQ

Cat Fanciers Associaton

Cats International

Cornell Feline Health Center

Dogs and

Feline Advisory Bureau

Feline CRF Information Center

Feline Future

Feline Leukemia Support


Judith Berman's List of Feline WWW Sites


Max's House for Feline Care

Pet Travel

Spraying and

Pet Health - General

American Animal Hospital Association

American Veterinary Medical Association

Canine Health and Medical Information

College of Veterinary Medicine

Consumer Guide to Glucosamine

Cornell Veterinary Medicine

Dog First

Dr.'s Foster and Smith Pet Education

Holistic Pet Booklet

Internet Vets

Karolinska Institute/Animal Diseases


NetVet Veterinary Resources

Pet Health News

Pets With Diabetes


Veterinary Pet Insurance

Vet Info

Virtual Vet



Abandoned Pet Rescue

Adirondack Save-A-Stray

American Foundation for Animal Rescue

Best Friends Sanctuary

Feline Sanctuary Inc.

Feline Rescue

Florida Doggie Paws

Internet Lost and Found

Good Shepard K9 Rescue

Kyler Laird's Animal Rescue Resources

Pet Action League

Pet Orphans Rescue and Adoptions

Pet Shelter Network

Rescue Organizations

Shelter Dog Rescue (Transportation Groups and Message Board)

Southern Animal Rescue Association

The Animal Orphanage

The Cat Network

World Animal Net

Pet Loss

Furry Angel Pet Loss Memorial Candle

Pet Loss Grief Support

Pet Loss Support Page

Pet Loss Sympathy Cards

Virtual Pet Cemetery

Pet Transportation

Feathers and Fur Van Lines

Fly Pets Shipping with Pet Air

IPATA (Independent Pet and Animal Transportation Association)

Pet Air Travel


A Kids Guide to Dog Care "How to Love Your Dog"

American Dog Trainers Network

American Kennel Club

Breed FAQ Homepage

Canine Times Electronic Newsletter

Delta Society

Dogs and

Dog Breed Directory

Dog Breed Info Center

Dog First

Dog Treat Recipies

Dog Law

Dog Owner Guide


Flying Dog Press

Pet Travel

Puppy Sketches by artist Christine J. Head

Schutzhund for Beginners

Shelter Dog Rescue (Transportation Groups and Message Board)

Stove Dog Bakery

The Poop

Therapy Pets


Uncle Matty's Place


Bird Crazy

Birds n' Ways

Bird Talk

Feathered Kids n' Suff

Featherpicking Web Site

Hot Spot for Birds

Pet Bird Report

Up at Six

Other Pets


FAQ's for Aquariums

Ferret Central

House Rabbit Society

National Alternative Pet Association

Oinker - Guinea Pigs Worldwide

Sugar Gliders

The Briar Patch (Rabbit Care)

For Pet Sitters

AboutPetSitting Professional Pet Sitters Discussion List

Business Insurers Of The Carolinas (Pet Sitter Insurance)

NAPPS (National Association of Professional Pet Sitters) (Self help laws center)

PetSitter Central

Pet Sitter Web (Web Design and Hosting for Pet Sitters)

Pet Sitter Yellow Pages

PSA LLC (Pet Sitters Associates) ( Insurance)

PSI (Pet Sitters International)

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